Another person with a Pirates Online issue


I’ve been playing POTCO for several years with no issues, and recently started experiencing MANY frequent crashes with the ‘p3dpythonw.exe has stopped working’ message. I’ve tried the OpenGL and both directX versions JUST to try things out. As well as the Web Browser version - which seems to crash a little less. But every time I encounter a busy area, I crash almost immediately.

Would someone mind peeking at my log file? And if not, which shall I post. =)

Hmm, it’s troubling that it just started crashing out recently. Have you sent a bug report through the official channels? If something has recently become unstable in the pirates game itself, then lots of people reporting the same problem will get their attention. But if something has changed in your computer–for instance, maybe you downloaded a new graphics driver without realizing it, via windows update–then they may be able to help you identify the problem and fix it.



Nope. No changes to the puter at all. BUT, the game has had recent updates. I dont seem to be the only person with the issue - but we are all getting the same canned Disney response - We need to play on a wired network connection, even though Ive been on wireless since I first started playing. (And I dont think many use wired anymore!)

But yes, we are ALL getting the same canned responses. Makes you a bit angry when you pay to play a game you can’t even stay logged into. =( They offer no other help. (And - I play other even more graphic intense games with NO issues, go figure.)

Well, it might be that you’re dropping your connection, any chance something is interfering with your wifi, perhaps your service provider is doing road-work or something? (that the only legitimate reason I could see for disney saying you had to use a LAN connection)

Disney can be weird at times… I can try and look and see if I see anything particularly wrong with your computer, and see if I can find out what the issue is, perhaps you can upload your log files here or somewhere else? (hint: the code tags may help)

On Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings<your name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Panda3D

Or on Windows Vista or Windows 7:
C:\Users<your name>\AppData\Local\Panda3D

Or in case you use Mac OSX (Apple computer):

Inside that folder there will be another folder called “logs”, in which there are several .log files, they are plain text files so you can right click + open with any text editor (notepad, for instance) and then copy and paste whatever it says here, or find somewhere to upload them.

Mostly to help out we need either p3dsession.log (if it exists) and/or pirates.log (or it’s named something similar to this)

Do keep in mind though that even though Disney uses panda3d, this is completely separate from disney, and we’re just random developer’s (or at least I am) willing to try and help out :wink:


No… its not my network. When I get a network drop - I get a Network error. This is a distinct Panda crash. I know D is separate, but their help is… well… not good.

Computer is new, drivers up to date, no issues until recent game updates, but error is always the same - Pandaetccrashed.

Will post those log files, and I appreciate ANY input! Thank you all.