Animation's performance.

Hello expert.

I stuck with the performance tuning about animation.
My model has over 28,000 triangles polygon count.
And it’s animate with 165 bones.
It’s lack of frame-rate when I run engine.

What is more importance between reduce number of bones or reduce model’s meshes?

Any idea?
Thanks in advance.

  • ola -

For a static model, the number of vertices doesn’t matter much; but for animated models, it can be very important, since the animation requires recomputing the position of each vertex every frame.

28,000 triangles is a lot of triangles for an animated model. Can you reduce that down to 6,000 or fewer?

165 is a reasonable number of bones.


you could also try and see if hardware-based vertex-animation work out for you. try to enable it in your config file. look for “hardware-animated-vertices”.
dunno how well it is supported these days and in combinatoin with shaders but might be worth a shot.

Thank you very much.

I will try :slight_smile: !!~