Animations in Blender

I would like some advice on how to create animations in Blender for to be used as actors in Panda. I’m using Chicken to export to egg. It’s working fine and I can animate but how to I create and name different animations that are callable in as actors in panda?

OK, you need an armature.
You have to apply this armature using the Armature Modifier on your character.
You can animate it however you want.
For example, frames 1-30 is the walk animation and 31-40 is the swim animation.
Now, click File->Export->Chicken.
Here you can specify which frames define which animation. Chicken will export those animations as different .egg files.

I have the armatures and the animation but I can’t get chicken to export the animation. I only get the first frame as a static model. In chicken before export the gray line says:

Status: Static Scene Export Mode.

I can’t figure out how to change it so that I am exporting a group of frames instead.

Make sure you applied the armature to the object using the Armature modifier, not with any other method.
Also, make sure that both the object and the armature are selected when exporting.