Animations are handled in Python?!

Reading as much of the manual as I can so I can get a quick start with understanding the engine.

Please correct me if I’m wrong but, the manual says the Actor is a python class inherited from the C++ implementation for NodePath.

I even loaded up to verify this.

Animation is one of the big cpu intensive processes next to rendering and whatnot, and I’ve noticed that a lot of panda3D games have somewhat unsmooth animations (for example the example panda model and its panda-walk4 animation as well as, no offense disney, the various animations for Toon Town and Pirates of the Caribean Online). Is this because animation is handled python side?

Never mind about the ‘unsmooth animations’ part, I realized there is support for frame interpolation, still I’d like to know why Actor was made in python.

No. The lowlevel animation structures in Panda are all written in C++.
Actor is just a highlevel wrapper around them so you can easily use them. It adds no performance overhead, as everything that does the hard work is fully integrated into Panda’s C++ core.

Thanks for the reply, I found this out after looking through some of the source code, I suppose I should give things more investigations before making assumptions. Panda seems like a really well put together engine.