Hello, I recently made a model and converted it from .dae to .bam and had no issues until I was at the final conversion, .egg to .bam. This is the first time attempting an animation. So I went ahead and typed in the egg2bam thing and It tells me that I have no frame rate specified. Which is fine I suppose. but it came out all blurry like this I added a frame rate of 10 and its the exact same.

Sorry, dae2egg does not correctly support animations at this time.

Do you know if there is another format I could use that would work?

Depends on your pipeline. What are you exporting from?

I’m exporting it from Blender. I tried an obj, which seemed to be the next alternative, but obj splits the animation into frames.

I would suggest that you use a dedicated exporter, such as YABEE, for exporting from Blender 2.5+ to egg.

Ok, thanks a lot, I’ll look into that.