Animation not displaying properly

I am new to panda and i have worked several animations in blender to export as actor with the chicken exporter. I used parenting to armature and found that some vertices were not moving in the actor. I learned that armature modifier should be used instead, but still the animation does not appear in panda as it appears in blender. Many vertices are not moving in panda. It is absolutely fine in blender. I am implementing a walk cycle of a man, but one of his leg is distorted in panda.

I am missing out something, to make what i see in blender same as what i see in panda? else i want some tips…

Have you selected all the objects, including armature, before exporting?

About the distorted leg. In blender, recalculate normals outside

Yes… i did select both the armature and the mesh.

I selected the mesh, enter edit mode, select all vertices and then-> control N to calculate all normals. The result is still the same. Is it the correct way of doing it… because at each time spot, the shape of the mesh changes and if you enter the edit mode at any time, only the original mesh is going to be displayed without the deformation caused by the armature.

There are also some vertices not moving on the man’s shoes, giving it the effect as if chewing gums are stitched to them while walking.

I think i found out what the problem is.

When an armature is placed within a mesh, and is assigned by the armature modifier, blender can automatically deform the mesh upon the movement of the bones without necessarily applying weight paint. But however, if the weight paint is missed somewhere, or is not applied at all, the animation does not show up in panda :slight_smile: