Animation Issue

Hi guys, good day. I posted recently about a maya 2009 conversion problem. Ive managed to solve that by using maya 2008 and panda 1.5.4 to convert my model and animation. However, when i load the animated model in the screen, the animated joints do not conform exactly to the mesh like it did in Maya 2008. I’ve checked before i actually exported the stuff. The result is a very obvious deform of the character’s legs and movement. Any ideas as to what may have caused this to happen? Any help would be greatly appreciated ^^.

OOk i just found out that some of the joints of the animated character e.g. the hind leg joints aren’t connected to the body and fore leg joints. They were animated independently of the main body and fore leg joints. Could this have actually caused the binding of the skin to the joints to “screw up” during the export?