Animation does not work, egg file is white

hello, I have two questions

  1. I have an animation file, it is .blend, I use blender 3.3 to convert it into a glb file. When panda3d is loaded, the animation cannot be displayed, only a static frame of data.
  2. I user Blender3.3 and PRPEE 1.2 convert the glb file to egg file and generate several egg files. The animation can be loaded normally, but the model becomes white and simplepbr does not work.
    please help me. thank you very much!

I can’t speak to the case of the glb file, but as far as I’m aware PRPEE doesn’t support PBR materials (just as YABEE before it didn’t).

Further–unless things have changed–I don’t recommend using PRPEE anyway, as it’s not suited to general use, I believe.

Instead, I might suggest that you continue to use the “glTF” format (which I gather that “glb” files use), either as exported via “blend2bam” or as exported via Blender.

For more information–both on the process of exporting and on some potential issues that may arise in exporting–I recommend take a look at the following pages (if you haven’t done so already):

We need more information about what you are doing. Or you could share the .glb file and we can see if there’s something unexpected about the animation.