Animated Vertice Shader

I guess this question is better suited for Drwr or rdb -

I’m still using Panda 1.7.0 and will most likely finish my current work with that version (openGL).

I wanted to know if the config setting

hardware-animated-vertices #t

good to use?

Doesn’t it even work?

I’m neither Drwr nor rdb but one of them already answered that question

[hardware animated vertices and GL_ARB_vertex_blend)

Actually, I just wanted to know if

hardware-animated-vertices #t

Did anything at all.

It might, but only if (a) your graphics card supports that OpenGL extension, and (b) your animation is simple enough that it can be handled by the extension.

You can set:

show-vertex-animation 1

in your Config.prc to flash the animated vertices. If they flash red, they’re animated via the CPU. If they flash green, they’re animated via the GPU.


I bet some of my configs didn’t work because of the #

basic-shaders-only #t

Doesn’t that # comment out the value? That’s how my config file was setup and the whole time I was just changing the #f to #t.

I guess I should get rid of the #. :laughing:

or …

Maybe that actually works? (#t, #f)

The # doesn’t matter, so I guess everything is fine.

#f and #t are understood to stand for false and true, respectively. They are the same thing as f or t, or 0 and 1, in the prc file. A hash mark only means a comment when it is the first thing on a line.