Animated splash screens?

I’ve been looking over older threads on how to create splash screens. But one thing that no one has mentioned is how to animate splash screens (like Sierra used to, or Lucas Arts does). I can see how to load in the initial 2D file, but do I have to have individual jpgs for each frame of the animation? That seems kind of cumbersome.

those animated splash-screens usualy are video-files.

with 1.6.1 threading support is enabled by default. so you could show your splashscreen/video while asyncronously loading/prechaching all your models and textures.

the old-school way would be to start the engine, play the video. then do the loading and then jump into the game’s main menu.

Thanks Thomas, I’d thought that might be the case. Not certain why I didn’t put it together. I’m assuming that I’d use the ffmpegvideo module to run the video then?

So my source would look something along the lines of:


I’ll have to find a small mpg file to play with and test this out.

Check out 1.6.1’s Movie Player sample: … dia_Player