is there any way to use models created in anim8or
it supports 3ds, obj, vtx, c and an8
since there is no converter for any of these file types included with panda, i was wondering if there is an unofficial one anywhere

I made an obj2egg converter that’s about it. It does not support textures or animations exported by anim8or. I have very fund memories of anim8or because it was my 1st 3d editor but i strongly suggest you pick up a functional higher quality editor like Max, Maya or open source one like blender.

uh… blender is such a bitch…

i once wrote a obj converter that converted to my own little made up format, and then could be seen in a viewer.
but same problem, no textures or animation, so i do not think i could just write it myself.

so i guess i am going to try and learn blender.

ps: just thought of something, anyone here use truespace?, does the dxf converter in panda do animations?

dxf even does not support animations its a CAD format for architects and engineers.

In the Free Tools topic, there is one guy that use truespace to export animation to Panda3D ( i believe it’s brian…)

ya… i just mentioned dxf because i saw there was a converter for it, but i forgot all about the good old .x format

i am now using truespace 7.6 (good, but buggy) and a x2egg. it gets all the materials and animations. so it works for me

sorry about the double post, but i just thought of a question. i read that .egg can store multiple animations in the same file. so how would i do that?

Basically it’s very simple. Just open both with a text editor, and copy&paste everything from one file to the end of the other.

are you serial?
so then, if i did it that way, how would i address each animation in the file?

By name. Each animation has a name assigned to its top entry. When you load a single egg file with multiple animations to an Actor, the animations are each associated with their corresponding name.

But are you sure you want to combine them into one egg file? The Actor interface is designed to work best with multiple different egg files, one for each animation. In addition to being just easier to manage, it provides support for useful features like on-demand loading of individual animations, saving memory and startup time.

People do occasionally ask about combining multiple animations into one egg file, but I’ve never seen any advantage to doing so.