Anim8or To .egg

If I use Chicken to export a .egg from a model imported into Blender from Anim8or, is the transition seamless? Or is there a little bit of holes and cracks during the conversion?

In simple terms, is using Blender to export a model made in Anim8or safe?
If not, what problems should I be aware of?

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Just ask if you need any more details.

well if it looks good in blender it should be fine. But the transition from anim8or to blender usually (for me at least) dosent look the greatest. Most of the time the model stays the same but the textures either dont work at all or are messed up.

anima8or format is pretty simple you could probably write an an82egg easy if you are going to use the anima8or is your primary tool.