anim pb : 3dsmax exportated mesh partially animated :(

Hi all

I’am just starting to export animation and model from 3ds max and display it in a panda application …

i have written a little piece of code to display it … this one :

import direct.directbase.DirectStart 

from direct.task import Task 
from import Actor 

#Load the panda actor, and loop its animation 
pandaActor = Actor.Actor("modeles/humain_v1",{"walk":"modeles/humain_v1_walk"}) 

#Run the tutorial 

(it’s just the one wich can be found on the early part of the tutorials…

my character is composed by 2000 faces and animated by 69 bones (fingers animation take a large part of them)
I have just bones + mesh + skin modifier … the skinning have been done well so all the vertex have at least one bone assigned to it…

I export 2 files : character.egg and character_anim.egg … of course the first one contain the mesh and the second one the animation (the last purpose is to blend animations … so anim must be in separate files)

but when I lauch the test program, only few part of the mesh is animated, like the legs … but the rest of the body stay in initial pose …

I hav checked the 2 .egg files and I have not found somethings wrong (but i repeat i’m a newbie in panda3D so I could miss something) …

does anyone has an idea of what append ?

No idea ? I can’t believe I 'am the only one who have this problem… the things I want to do are really basics :confused:

post a link to your files (and what version of MAX you are using) and I will take a look at them. I am new to Panda so this will take some time.

thanks, but i have finally found the origin of the problem …

in fact there is a bug in the max2egg exporter witch does not export the same skeleton hierarchy in the mesh.egg files and the anim.egg files (if the skeleton is complex enought)…

panda simply ignore the bones that doesn’t concord… :confused: