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How the porting proceed?

There is an official website or a “progress list” post/blog ?

I’m interested.

I’ve been looking a lot into porting the runtime, but I have nothing to show yet.

I really don’t get why we don’t start a crowfunding/donation and hire someone to do the job. Looking at all the previous comments, at least $1000 would be gathered and I’m sure that’s a reasonable pay.

I think that who start the project and donation must be the person who works on it.

I’m saying to gather the money and then offer developers a job with a payment.

What are you saying? Tell the person who wants to do the job to create the crowfunding himself? Isn’t that asking too much?

So start yourself a crowfunding/donation… and then offer developers a job…

I said only that registration on a crowfunding site should be made by who working on the project.

You work on it?
Thus, start it.

Your english is confusing.

I know.

hello, i don’t often come to this forum recently, as i have other things to work on.
i really wish Panda3D can run on Android devices, better yet, we can develop Panda3D apps with Android devices.
but we can’t expect too much, as the work is not easy. and i don’t think $1000 (1 time thing) means much in such a project.
personally i am poor and i can’t help much financially. people with gratitude don’t always have the ability to thank, it’s reality.
expecting financial contribution from individual persons may have a dim future, but can Panda3D ask for financial help from organizations? such as big companies which may have interest in Cell Phone business or Cell Phone advertisements.
Panda3D apps on android devices must have advertisements of the contributing organizations. can this work?

I have to disagree that 1000$ for porting an engine to another platform is not much, given that some amount of work has already been done. It was a raw estimate though.

I just wanted to say, giving Unity a test drive for a week, I can say that we should really try to get an Android port of Panda3D. It can most definitely compete with Unity. It will be a gem for most developers and Panda will get way more attention in the mobile field and get contributions in return.

  1. There are a number of issues with getting the right Android SDK version working with the latest Unity. There wasn’t any mention of this in the official docs and the solutions by the forum members didn’t work. In the end I coudn’t even get a test apk out. It’s far from straightforward, though it looks like it is.

  2. They advertise a free version but it has so many disabled features that feature-wise it’s actually inferior to Panda3D.

  3. The C# and UnityScript languages take longer to code than Python. There aren’t as many 3rd party libraries for C# compared to Python.

  4. Some say code in Boo. The Boo language supported by Unity which is almost an exact copy of Python is very poorly documented and very few sample codes are written for it in the docs and it is not supported on Android and IOS.

Agreed, it’d be a great selling point. I would spend more time on it, but I can’t afford to.

I don’t like the idea of requiring Panda3D apps to have ads. Porting Panda to Android is a big and daunting task, and $1000 certainly wouldn’t be enough to hire an outside consultant to do it, but we’ve got people who are also excited about making Panda3D awesome who would probably do it for less.

Still, don’t underestimate the task; there’s really a lot involved, ranging from an audio implementation of OpenSL ES to a rewrite of the shader generator in order to make it support GLSL.

If someone need a tester on Android i have a galaxy s4 for to the job. :wink:

Kinda OTC i know. But i’ve been working on blackberry z10 for some time now and i made this … /32880889/
Python support on z10 is pretty good, i know allegro and part of boost is ported to it as well as other c stuff. i want to port panda3d to BB10 but i have no idea where to begin, im not a genius at c++. Maybe we could set up a common repo so we all can contribute.

how is things going?
i think i can donate 50USD and i am fine. but i don’t have international bank account, can i transfer by palpay? i can find service providers who can help with paypal.
also i can donate android devices. so far i can spare a 4 inch phone with mtk6517 processor and an 8 inch non-phone with aml8726 processor/1G ram. they are dualcore and not advanced, but development needs multiple devices to test on right?
i keep these devices quite clean, although they are more than half year old.
but i haven’t done an international mail yet, still need to confirm whether i can send them oversea.

any progress?

I don’t have money to donate but I can be a committer working on simple tasks. Of course, you does not need to pay for my “donate” works.

In my opinion, we need a good leader with the best vision in android porting area, he know needed resources, tasks, stages, … so that we will have a good plan to move forward. (It’s simple beginning for us:

I think $1000 is not big enough to pay for a group/party, it’s better to be rewards for this planning work. Since we know exactly works need to be done, we can schedule tasks for volunteer dev (like me) to work on them. :laughing:

while trying to compile Panda3D with the already implemented Android support using the commands that rdb previously posted here, I get the following error while makepanda is compiling the glesgsg.cxx file: “fatal error: GLES/gl.h: No such file or directory”

If I hardcode the include paths to the specific folders (/usr/include for example) in the makepanda script, which I think isn’t the best/correct way to fix this, I get a little bit further but now get a lot of “… was not declared in this scope”, “… does not name a type” and other such errors which seem to occure in the Android NDK and other files.

Does someone know how to fix those errors?

Note: I’m trying this on Ubuntu 14.04 32bit with the current android sdk and ndk installed (I’m able to compile the android examples) and the current Panda3D version from github.

Could you post more output, including the full output of the makepanda command when adding --verbose ?

Here’s the complete result of the command including the verbose option:

This is the version without the added includes in the makepanda script. If I directly run the command that is given behind the text: "The following command returned a non-zero value: " it results in the mentioned gl.h can’t be found error.

Sorry, it would appear that I broke OpenGL ES support at some point. I tend to forget to add “#ifndef OPENGLES” around blocks of code when I add new code to the OpenGL renderer. I’ll try to find some time to fix the issues.