Android Bounty

i’m interested in recompiling panda3d for android, using ndk and retaining python scripting.
i dont have much time, but i’ll be glad if someone cuold give me a hint on where to start.

Start by compiling Panda for Linux.

Then get the Android SDK and use it to compile a simple C+±based Android library, to prove you know how the SDK works.

Then try using the SDK to compile Panda and see what happens.


BTW, the Android SDK includes an emulator, so I don’t think android phone is required for testing. Maybe there wasn’t one when rdb posted.

I would donate IF the person who would be taking the job met these requirements:

[i]1 - Well-liked by Panda users and has great reputation

2 - Known well and very active on the forums

3 - Provided updates on the current state of the port as well as evidence that it’s being maintained on a regular basis

4 - Made sure it worked with Android versions below Ice Cream Sandwich (perhaps as far back as FroYo as that still makes up the largest portion of Android OS share)[/i]

Meet those requirements and I would donate in a second! :slight_smile:

I may be interested in doing a port later this year.

i should start a bidding on kickstarter.
i really would love to see panda on android.
not ALL of panda, just the core. like a “lite” version.
i really hate the fact that i must choose to use flash to make commercial games for masses. as3 is really a pain to code…
or have to use unity, which itself has a low market share…

i really like panda and python and i think is a great platform for self-funding games.

As casual games are getting more and more popular, the ease of panda3d and python and it’s power, combined with the fact that it can be deployed on linux/mac/windows/(hopefuly)android will be really something to consider.

I’m even planning on teaching software development techniques using panda3d.

I’d be willing to pitch in €50 if we could get solid guarantees. I like the idea of running my Panda games on the Ouya.

I would also give 50$ for an android port, especially ouya (despite its horrible name). If ouya was the goal, a port could be made without touch screen support. Then touch support could be added in later.

EDIT: I noticed rdb is interested in this, and think they would do a really good job. Would kickstarter be a good idea?

Count me in with 40€.
For full support of all features available in C++ and rudimentary touch support (one finger tapping, dragging).

I wonder if the ouya dev people would be interested in helping with the port given panda’s ease of use. The console is aimed at indie game studios.

The Ouya sounds nice, but keep in mind that it doesn’t have a touch screen like most Android tablets have. Whoever ends up developing Panda on the device will have no way to develop the touch screen support.

Hey guys i’m really thinking about this.
I’ve seen many tools that could help us. even a full environ set.
I’m not THAT good with c++ but i have some friends that would to help me.
I dont have much time because i’m starting my own company, if i had some extra money for it i could devote in full-time, but i can’t promise i would port ALL panda3d. i sure can promise to show everything i’m doing, share the resources and info and commit to the cause.

Anyway, money aside, i’ll give a try with my “spare” time, which almost doesn’t exists. If someone wants to share ideas/help i’ll be lurking a little in the irc (same nick) from next week

Interesting, been playing with this idea myself recently. So far, I’ve ended up playing with c4droid: … oidc&hl=en

…and Python for Android :

(made possible by SLA4: ).

In short - I suspect it’s possible! Performance, not so sure.

Outside of that, I don’t think it’s something that needs to be funded. I think the right-minded individual will just do it (might be me yet!, maybe!). From there it’ll either go open source or be a paid add on. I wouldn’t object to paying a reasonable fee if I could “move my Panda3D projects Mobile” in a click! I would object to funding a “maybe” project.


I’ve been playing myself.
Though i’ve been a little discouraged at the irc, but i leave another hints:

kivy and renpy and pygame all compile python for android with different complexities.
I think we could compile panda using kivy dev environ which comes in a confortable virtual image.
I’ve been tinkering with pygame and i’ve compiled it myself succesfully to android. … k/download

Also there’s necessitas which allows to compile Qt to Android. I’ve been using that myself and i think the dev environ could be used to build panda3d.

I think we should start by setting a common repository, at least with info, as it seems that many people tried it.

about the funding, i’ve mentioned it, because in my current status i don’t have spare time, but i could invest if someone contributes.


I’ve been playing quite hard too, and I’ve been advancing a lot! (even having some really ugly and nasty bugs). =D

I’ve invested some time on this already and I’d like to invest some more. I’d like to contribute without anything back in return but the effort and time are pretty expensive so I’d like to apply to the bounty. Yodaman listed some requirements. I don’t whether I qualify to all those but I’m a long time member of the forum (aside my low post count, I’m always trying to help, most on IRC)

I’d like to know what you guys expect done and shown before effectively contributing.

I follow nande. It’s important that we gather efforts and information

Oh look, is that pview running on my android phone?

Hm, could be. :smiley:

It would appear so. Yes, I do believe this is the case. If this is in fact true, then this would be a desirable event. Congratulations on your apparent achievement.


Was trying to polish some more before a release and stopped for some time. =/.
Feels like a lot of duplicated effort like we’re talking…
Dunno if rdb thought I had nothing but the interest in collect the bounty, or didn’t see the post etc. Sounded like a bit of irony but I’m not a native speaker, so no judgement.

The good news is that we’re closer to android support. :wink:

EDIT: The image is big and disconfigures the forum.