An update on our youth benefitting from yall's help

One of the 17 teen yo female youth here had a programming breakthru- she was able to program a simple inventory method based on opening treasure chests in python. After just a few days of learning python programming with no cut and pasting. I did have to correct her Random function call, she was trying to use it like you do in basic.

No graphics in here code but still it works:)

Step two we apply the snipplet she wrote into the collision even for a chest in the panda game and call the gui’s and models based on it :slight_smile:

So she is now studying the panda3d manual. Python will help her no doubt in her career- she already has won a full scholarship for college and I can see things like Python and Panda really giving more options.

On a side note our computer classes for the other kids are going well:
A six year old female youth has programmed a monster/chase/gem eating via gamemaker, a twelve year old working on python and a mario style game in Gamemaker. A fifteen year old is learning gimp, textures, and 2d gui graphics. The other kids here just are not showing much interest yet.

Its odd to hear a six year old complain about sprite collisions, or sound file qualities.

JB Skaggs

Thats really cool. Keep us updated.

lol yeah that would bug me out pretty good.

Of course, I’ve already been freaked out pretty good by kids doing game development stuff far younger than I would have thought possible. Like, I teach 3D animation classes so an old friend who recently started working at a computer camp asked me for some advice about their curriculum, and their website listed course offerings like 3D Game Art for 11 year olds.


And I already thought it was startling to hear freshmen in the college classes I teach talk about Photoshop class in highschool. Photoshop barely existed when I was in highschool! I only turned 30 last week, I’m not that old!

Im 39 and I remember when 2/3 of all video games came from MIT grad’s.

PacMan, Galaga, Centipede (which was the first to be written by a woman BTW) etc.

I also remember when programming required a circuit board and your software was printed out in magazines.

I wanted an atari and my dad bought me a coco-III instead- it had no disk drive or tape. You had to type in the game every time you used it!

Some of the titles only came out in Binary- it took days to type in a binary program and you protected your computer’s power source with your life!

Then I got a tape player, then a floppy, then Nintendo came out

Its amazing what a difference ten years can make. So imagine how challenged I feel to be trying to learn this at nearly forty learning from guys who some are younger than my children.

JB SKaggs

Well my team just shrunk by two, two of our older teens were reunited with their families so my team has shrunk by two.

Though I am happy they will be back with their families- so soon we will have new kids.

Also we have a large Chinese Group coming out for a tour and to help out tommorow I hope we have something to show them for Panda3D!

JB Skaggs

i will gladly join your team hehe >_> :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks- we can use all the help we get.