An odd window event : What is it?

This is a mystery to me, perhaps someone knows of an answer.
Ive been playing with my multiple window core and have been messing about with the window events to know when a window closes/minimizes/restores/moves/etc but I have a window event that I cant find.

My debug output is like this…

window0 is in foreground.
(Click minimize button on window)
window0 is minimized.
window0 is in background.
(Click on the program button on the taskbar to restore it)
window0 is maximized.
window0 is in foreground.
Unknown window event

The window being passed to the callback func is defo window0.
I am checking the following stuff on WindowProperties…

Does anyone have any ideas what could be throwing this unknown event.
I noticed that if I minimize and maximize from the button on the taskbar then this unknown event is not generated.

Thanks in advance.

— Found another one —

When closing windows, I remove them from my active list. The debug
output shows this…

window0 opened
window1 opened
window1 is in foreground
(click close on window1)
window1 closed
window0 is in foreground
unknown window event for window1
(click close on window0)
window0 is in background
window0 closed
panda exit called

– update on this one : I call the base.closeWindow() func from a button press on the window and I dont get the unknown window event. I have tried calling and not calling the closeWindow() func in the windowEvent func when it gets the close window event but I still get the unknown event.

I know that these are nothing major and can be ignored, but Im curious as to what they could be.

Any help greatly appreciated!