Alternate 3d model file formats supported by Panda3D

Most of the models available on the internet are of .max format. From tutorials I have read importing .max files into Panda3D seems not possible. Converting .max to .egg or .bam on linux is too much work.
Are there any other file formats that can be used with Panda3D without too much effort. I would greatly appreciate any links to freely available models.
Thank you in advance.

Only 3D Studio Max can read .max files, there probably will never be any converter for .max file, because they are like a macro, telling the application what steps need to be made to get a scene identical to the scene in the .max file, to mimic that a converter would need to have all the functions 3dsmax has.

Here are some(~80000)models in many different formats:
These models must only be used for personal and non commercial uses (research purposes) and must not be redistributed.

You can export models to egg or dae from within 3dsmax itself.