Alpha Texture Issue

I modeled an extremely basic grass bush in Blender, and exported it with Chicken.
Here is the Blender rendered image:

But when i load the generated egg in PView, here is what i get!
It appears to be only one polygon which tex overrides the others’, as if it is rendere on top of them!
The black arrows point out that, the two dots are the low vertex of the incriminated poly.

For reference, here are the egg and the image i used.

Is there any way to get this file to work properly?
When that bush is loaded in my game it’s awful, with 200 of them messing with their ow alpha channels.

This is a classic problem with self-occluding objects and transparency. It is a problem in any 3-D engine, and there are various ways to work around it. For details, see the manual page Transparency and Blending.

In your particular case, I think the best solution is to hand-edit the egg file and put the line:

<Scalar> alpha { dual }

within the entry for the bush. { binary } mode would also work, and would render a little faster (but with a slightly lower visual quality).


Thank you so much, and i’m sorry for not having read carefully the manual!

Anyway, only putting Blend { binary } worked perfectely, while using blend { dual } generated a far stranger behaviour:

Perhaps your alpha channel is not 100% black where the transparent parts of your image are? The “dual” mode relies on 100% transparency. If your transparent parts are only 90% transparent (for instance), it can come out looking like the above.


Ah, no, the problem with “dual” is the draw_order scalar in the entry. I don’t know why Chicken put that there, but it’s interfering with the dual mode. If you take it out, it should work fine in dual mode.