Alpha in Offscreen Buffer

I cannot use Alpha/Transparency in Offscreen buffers, created with:


I am sure it is because the scene is rendered, and where alpha would be, it is filled with the clear-color.
Is there any way to solve this / Am I missing something?

Hmm, if you edit and add setAlphaBits(1) in createBuffer, does that work?

Thank you very much! That worked for me …

But now I have another question:
How do I set the Texture Format of the Buffers? Is it correct to set it like:

tex0 = Texture("Pass")
quad = filterMan.renderQuadInto(colortex=tex0)

Thanks in advance

You have to adjust the FramebufferProperties to get an appropriate framebuffer with the right amount of bits that you require.

I did not found much on the documentation for that … I saw it uses setColorBits(1) … but I am not sure …

Thanks in advance