Alpha Game: Vortex The Pretty

Hey all, I have to first thank you panda3d community for helping me make this possible, and so I present a alpha build of my project, a long time ago I developed little gamebooks, but about 10 months ago people on reddit said that they couldn’t get it.

And so, I was given advice to turn the gamebooks into a video games, daunted but determined, I searched out a way to do this, I eventually found Panda3d and you guys, and so with your help came this demo, thank you.

A game about a anthropomorphic wedding gown that goes on adventures, inspired by the likes of “Crash Bandicoot” and “Tony Hawk Pro-Skater”, Vortex (and her brother Victor) get tied up in a perplexing mystery, join them in this perpendicular platformer as they spin off half pipes into the air, spin on walls, and fling away many enemies!
EDIT: I have updated the screen shots with the look.

And with that out of the way, you can get the games below…
Updated Links:
Mac OSX:
Windows 64bit:
Linux 64bit:

old links
Mac OSX:
Windows 64bit:

I look forward to the feedback, the game is still in it’s alpha stage, so things are subject to change, I,m still looking into video capture to get some videos up on youtube later.

Edit: I have included videos, sorry for no sound, but I have replaced the silence with the game’s music, take a look.
Victor’s Gameplay:

Vortex’s Gameplay:
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Hi, it seems a great alpha! Congratulations! Please, could you provide a Linux build? Thank you very much!

oh, well, the thing is I don’t know how to use linux, I can output a runtime, but it would be purely up to people to test it from start to finish.

But thank you for the congratulations.

Edit: can you bootcamp linux? (IE dual-boot linux on a mac)

Edit2: so I spent the night installing linux to a virtual machine to test the runtime, and I,m quite impressed, it ran at full speed while being in a virtual machine! now that is what I call efficient.

So here you go! a bit hastily tested, but I was able to complete both levels, click on the download link below to obtain the linux version (tested with Linux Mint 19.1 xfce 64bit).

Ooh, a Linux build–thank you for that! (And thank you @flavio for requesting it.) :slight_smile:

I’ll hopefully give this a try sometime soon, although I don’t know quite when. It looks rather cute! :slight_smile:

thanks, if i knew more people wanted a linux build, I would have attempted to build one much earlier.

Hey everyone, as I was working on my new project, which was built off this one, I used the assets from this one to update some features for that project, after doing so, seeing as the assets completely worked with this game, I just went ahead and applied the updated script to the assets of this game.

Which there updated this game, what fallows is better loading times, a fixed skybox, fixed physics for the enemies, and a new cartoony look, enjoy (updated links and pictures are in the original post)

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