Almost There - Help in two areas

Here is a link to what I have done so far.

The menu switching is what I mostly wanted to accomplish, because I now

feel comfortable enough to get into making a game.

However, I would like some help in at least two areas.

First can someone help me fix the error in clicking the 3d objects

(right mouse button)? The one in the second scene worked outside this

demo. I never got the one in the first scene to work.
Second (this part is not necessary for the success of the game, but it

can be helpful for an experiment I want to impliment). When I return to

the main menu from the second scene, things don’t wor right. I think it

might have something to do with the code in line 1118 where I restart

the class. I hope it can be fixed, but like I said, it’s not really

necessary. (You may need to change the paths, or place the files in the

right folder)

Appreciate any help offered.

I also got my own collision mesh with its start point working.
There are a few things I learned which I wanted to share for those who

may not have been successful. (just place the terrain egg file in the

models folder.


I tried to run your game but your path is not good. Please create another .zip with all the good folder (model, sound, etc…) already created so we can test it and maybe help you with your problem because right now I don’t have time to create all these folder but I want to help you!

Like Tom Cruise said: Help me you help you!



I’m sorry. I forgot the sound files.
I didn’t put all the file since the file would be a little too large, and all the other files I used are already in the panda3d directory.
However, I will send the sound files and organize them better, say about this afternoon. Thanks

OK. Here is the file:

The only thing is I had to change the menu sound which was over 2 megs, so the loop hiccup is quite obvious now, but that can be fixed.

I will check this sometime this week.

I’m in my exam period at university so I’m quite buzy!

I will let you know the result of my test!



I forgot to put text to let users know that the escape key takes you back to the menu.

I’ve tried it for a short while and it looks pretty kewl!
I have just a few notes:

  • I keep getting the error "_channel->stop(): An invalid object handle was used. ", are you using SoundIntervals? I’d suggest you use something else, because the sounds fail to stop playing.
  • Never call removeNode on an actor, always use either actor.delete() or actor.cleanup()!
  • I really like the motion blur and the menus. I just don’t get the purpose of ralph in the first scene.
  • At file “”, line 316, in makePickable, it says:

while newObj is sometimes an empty node, which causes an AssertionError.

Ok, I check your code.

-I had trouble with the path. I need to create a model/maps/gui and copy-paste your graphic to make it work. I also needed to copy paste ralph in the model directory. I would suggest you to include all of them in your .zip. If you need more space, ask for space on

-I had problem with the sound. But I guess it’s because you did not include them either.

I don’t get any motion blur on my computer…

For the error of channel->stop(), I get the same error in my game, it happend when someone stop a sound that is already stoped, I try to "try catch it and a lot of other tweaking but never realy find a way!)

I’m sorry, I don’t have time to go deeper. I’m in my exam period at university in software engineering so I need to study.

If you need more assistance, don’t hesitate to ask around. In a couple of week I will be more free also.

Keep up the good work and happy programming


Hey pro-rsoft, your Avatar looks great. Is that a 3d model you designed?

Thanks for the info on actor.delete. I’m sure I tried actor.cleanup and got an error. I’ll try it again.

The demo I made doesn’t serve any purpose other than the menu and scene switching and to test my click on 3d objects. The ralph in the first scene was just to test switching back to the menu (with the escape key), which worked, and clicking on ralph (with the right mouse button) and have it print that ralph had been hit, which didn’t work. Did you test that and see what the problem might be?

Is this where the problem lies? Could you explain this a little furthur?

The other scene in my demo is just made up of a bunch of tuts from the samples which I put together. I just threw them in here to see if I could jump to another scene and get back without a hitch. It failed as you can see. So I wanted to know if any of you guys could help me to get it work. Like I said though, it’s not really necessary.

Basically, I want to get the picker (clicking on 3d objects) to work in this scene. I still would appreciate any help on this. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

DarkJaff did you download the new file or the old, because I included all the files (including the sound), and tested it, and it worked.

Thanks for replying.
Hope you do well in your exams.
I am indeed enjoying programming using Panda3d.
I used some engines before, but this - This is it. :smiley:

I got it running smoothly now.
Here’s the link if you want to look at it:

The sound loop works perfectly, since I am using a wav file.
I removed the motion trails, since there seem to no way to stop it after it starts, and it was messing things up, it seems.
The one problem that remains is clicking on Ralph in the first scene. I still can’t get that to work. If anyone would like to help me find out why, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m still looking forward to hearing from you DarkJaff, as soon as you have time.

Also, can someone look at my camera_collision file and see if you can help me fix it?
Ralph runs on everything, including the trees I placed in the scene.