Alice Models

Ok I am gathering models from Alice and I am wondering how do I access the animations that might be present? I assume that methods are animations

The animations are in the .zip file you can download


Which zip file? The link called “Panda Version”? Or a different link. Or are they all shoved into the one EGG file that is there?

For each model you have two links:

  • (XYZ.AB KB)
  • panda version

The first link is a zip file with the alice version of the model, the second is a .zip file with the panda versions of the files.

Any questions left?
Cheers Martin

So if there is only one file there aer no animations for the file?

And just to be clear methods on alice are animations on panda.

I’ve downloaded one file: There is one .egg and one .tif(the Texture)
So I guess the animations aren’t converted.
Does anyone know more about this?

I would also be interested to know if there is a way to use Alice animations in Panda. Does anyone know if animations were only converted for selected models, or not at all?

Many of the models did not have animations to begin with, so no animations could have been converted. Read the comments of the egg files to see how the model was exported from maya. if the model was converted with the tag ‘maya2egg -a model’, look for the animation egg file that came with it (it should be in the same zip file). If the comments show the model was exported with ‘maya2egg -a both’, then the animation file is the same as the model file (and ususally only has one animation applied). If neither of the ‘-a’ tags show up in the comments, then the model is static and cannot play animations.

some of the zip files contain both a static model and an animated model. So make sure you read the comments of all of the egg files in each zip file so you don’t try to apply the animation from the animated model to the static model.