Airblade project problem with latest pand3d install

I am using the latest panda3d install on an winXP platform with the embedded python22 and ppython.bat script. When I run the Airblade project bat file it errors out with a message stating that it can not find the win32api module. This module exists as a pyc file in the pand3d installdir. Can someone tell me if we need to explicitly set the PYTHONPATH. If so, what should we set PYTHONPATH so that the environment sees all of the modules?

what you need is to install the win32 extensions for python
They can be found here: … in32all162

I installed the python 2.2 version : … ll-162.exe

I installed it in C:\Panda\etc\Python22

Hope this helps,

The Win32 extensions are also bundled with the Airblade distribution. Run win32all-156.exe and specify C:\Panda\etc\Python22\site-packages as the destination directory.

Perhaps this should be mentioned in the README.txt file.