AIML + Python + Panda3D = FUN

I originally started this as a very rudimentary class project about a year ago, but I’ve re-found it and gotten it to boot & work, so!

I’ve taken a Toontown model, retextured it to fit an original character of mine (as best I could) and edited downloadable AIML files; the ALICE base, if you will.

AIML is a coding language, short for Artificial Intelligence Markup Language. It was created by the ALICE foundation, and the python interpreter for it can be found HERE:

(It simply needs to be pasted into site-packages.)

Here’s a screenshot of my bot + the raw UI. I still don’t know what on earth makes her say this.

(model and pyAIML not created by me. coded by me are some custom AIML files to make Jane’s characterization much more realistic, as well as an edited cog texture)
(i just feel bad a lot of my posts are in the help/issues section & i wanted to show something neat i’ve made!!)

i wasn’t super great at python about a year ago so this is still a ridiculous achievement for me since i’m not very proficient outside of python/AIML/p3d!!!

bk_text = "Hi, I'm Jane."
userin = OnscreenText(text = bk_text, pos = (0, 0.7), 
scale = 0.06,fg=(0,0,0,1),align=TextNode.ACenter,mayChange=1)
def setText(textEntered):
        txt = bot.respond(textEntered)
def clearText():

i’m really proud of when i figured out how to get the bot’s responses to print properly, even though this might not be the most efficient, but i did it with no help!!

Great forum, very well put it, as I thought you could get help here.