additive blending

Ok, now that I’ve managed to get an export path into Panda, I was drawing up an animation list for our game…

I was curious as to whether panda can do additive blending, or more specifically, take something like a walk, and add in the rotations of a pose, say looking upwards, where the spine, neck and head bones would rotate a bit. it seems we can blend animations, which averages between them, which will make transitions work effectively, but I’m also wondering about additive blending.


Jeff Cooperman
lead animation
autumn moon entertainment

Hmm, no, we don’t have anything like that. You might be able to make that sort of thing work with a subpart actor, which can play a different animation on a specified subset of an actor’s joints.


thanks david…that seems like the way to go.

The subpart actor is a fairly new feature in Panda, and it is not overwhelmingly well-documented yet, but it does appear to be working well.

Look to Actor.makeSubpart() for the interface to set up your subparts. Thereafter, you can play an animation on just one subpart or another by specifying the subpart name for the partName keyword parameter, which exists on most Actor calls.