Add Havok physics engine in Panda3d

How can i replace native physics engine of Panda3d with Havok physics engine

I don’t know anything about the Havok engine, other than that it is reportedly very expensive. This sounds like more of a question for Havok than for Panda.

Do you have a license for Havok? Isn’t it a C++ engine? If you are experienced in C++, you should have no difficulty making the appropriate calls into the Havok engine to compute your physics operations.


Well Havok is better physics engine and now it free to use for non commercial product.

You would have to do the integration yourself, although I do believe someone might have integrated havok before. Try doing a forum search. You might also be interested in using the integrated ODE physics engine in Panda. ODE has been used in commercial games such as Call of Duty 4, STALKER (insert periods yourself) and World of Goo.

wel thank for ur suggestion !

I m new to panda3d, so any help or tutorial would fine.

ODE is probably going to be the only physics engine supported out-of-the-box by Panda3D for a long time. Until maybe someone spends effort in working with Bullet. ODE is open source, and can be distributed as part of Panda3D. And it has minimal footprint. drwd has explained a few days ago that Disney’s main customers are kids, who usually have older computer passed down from their parents.

If you are really looking for an A-grade physics engine you could consider PhysX. Here is my personal comparison of Havok and PhysX (both offer fast collisions, solid character controllers and much more - so just the differences):


  • free for non-commercial use.
  • used in more full-price commercial titels than PhysX.
  • Windows SDK only (I haven’t seen a Linux SDK so far).
  • Havok FX only support particle systems (and is no longer developed?).


  • free fro non-commercial and commercial use.
  • Windows and Linux SDKs.
  • Hardware support via AGEIA PhysX card and modern NVIDIA cards.
  • Pushed by NVIDIA.

Finally, PhysX has some integration with Panda3D already. Far from complete, but functional :slight_smile: