[!AD!] Hello All Have you ever thought of a new WoW?

Hello all you genius minds out there Firestorm productions and Element Prodcutions are looking for new minds who want to be the next World of Warcraft designer we will take applications to our email for ppl who wish to apply. Our game is called Firestorm we have multiple classes and storylines waiting to be put intoa game class trees the whole nine yards. We can help with 3d graphics that are good and downloads and C++ scripting we are taking the best 10 for our Dev Team email us at.


…pretty few information about the project itself for recruting people…
not that i’m intrested in joining. have enough other projects to do. but your article didnt motivate me at all.
“recruting for another WoW” … that’s something you can read at every corner of the net these days… and most have no idea what they are talking about at all.(nothing against you , just my general impression)

how about giving a more detailed description of what you’r planning to do?

There will never be another WoW, too many free alternatives.

If you want to get your hands on some programmers set up a site with concept art and target renders along with detailed descriptions of game play, quest types ect

it would be soooo000o cooo0000l
we will have elfs
and quests
and power items
and free gold for every one!
and you could make items any kind - yes really!
and no grind, definitely no grind

… and the game is still unique, of course.