Actor warning when loading bam-file.

I’ve used Blender and Chicken 1.0c to export both egg and bam files.
When I create a new actor using the bam-files I get this warning:

“Actor(warning): models/jellyfish.bam is not a character!”

The manual (chapter D) has the title “Actors and characters”, but does no explaining at all what a character is or how it relates to actors.

How do I get rid of the warning and what is a character?

I’m not to sure about Chicken, but I are you exporting with whatever flags you need to create an actor/animation?

Yep. And the actor works fine, only a warning.

Panda understands at least two different kinds of models in egg files. There are static models, which are generally not intended to be animated by the Actor interface, and then there are animated models, or characters, which are intended to be animated by the Actor interface.

The difference between the two model types is specified in the conversion flags. Different converters label this conversion flag different things. Look for a conversion flag that provides options like “none”, “pose”, and “model”. In general, use “none” or “pose” to get a static model, and use “model” to get a character model. (The confusing names of these modes is a historical accident; it is less confusing if you think of this particular conversion flag as being labeled “animation type”.)

If you are getting that warning, then at least some part of that model is incorrectly converted.