Actor parts without bones don't show up


In Blender I’ve created an actor. It consists of 3 meshes, two arms and one body.
The two arms are attached to 1 armature.

(How weird it may look, but I have a little bit weird character :stuck_out_tongue: )
Well… I export my model to .bam using Chicken, it exports fine. I get two files, one for the animation and one for the model.
When I open the normal .bam file with pview, i get this:

Next, I load my actor and animation in Panda3D.
The ‘hands’ of the actor show up, they animate well, but the ‘body’ (without bones) doesn’t show up… :confused:
And the funny thing is, when I export the model unanimated and load it as a normal model in Panda3D the body does show up correctly.

Is this a bug? Or did I do something wrong?


Sounds like it might be a bug in the Chicken exporter. Even if it is, though, there’s an obvious workaround: can you not just create an unanimated bone to contain all of your unanimated geometry?


Yes, thank you, this worked fine.
I don’t think the bug is in the Chicken exporter.
The model showed up fine in pview, including the body. (but, without animation).

We have models converted from Maya that don’t have bones on all their parts. Those seem to work correctly.

It’s possible that a bug in the exporter could cause this. It might be creating a pseudo bone to contain the unanimated geometry, but then setting a scale of 0 in the animation file for this bone. That would cause the geometry to appear to disappear when you played it with the animation.