Actor and model differences

I’ve created and rig a human model in blender, made by makehuman. It has eye,tongue and teeth. Here is the model:

I can’t access the joints as it is a model.

But, if I load it with Actor interface, the eyes, tongue, teeth are all missing:

What is wrong ? How to fix it in blender ? Thank you !

If you have multiple meshes being exported with bones then they must all use one and only one armature, though you should get some mileage with statics and actors, though I can’t think of when that would be of use, at least not for a single human. When you export make sure you select all of the meshes you want exported, and it should work - it will not automatically add meshes in a hierarchy unless you select them all. Those are the two most likely problems - there are probably some others if I think about it more.

Here is the outline:

I am sure I have selected all objects when export, and the loadModel can load everything well.

Any other possible reasons ?

Are the eyes and teeth controlled by bones? Additionally, where is their origin? It’s possible that they have been reset to (0,0,0), and are in the humans torso, or wherever the origin is. An easy solution of course would be to join the meshes, though that might require redoing some of the vertex weighting.

Well, that looks like a solution, though it also looks like a Chicken bug… if anyone is willing to e-mail me an example of this problem I’ll add fixing it to my todo list.

The solution David mentioned:

Sounds like it might be a bug in the Chicken exporter. Even if it is, though, there’s an obvious workaround: can you not just create an unanimated bone to contain all of your unanimated geometry?

Can you kindly explain more on how to “create an unanimated bone to contain all of your unanimated geometry” ? It is really difficult to use blender for a beginner.

Thank you !

You simply create a bone that never moves and assign it to the geometry that never moves. Its really quite simple if you know how to use blenders armature system… if you don’t I’ld google up some tutorials! More likely considering its a human model there will already be a head bone, and you will probably be better off assigning it to that one, otherwise you couldn’t move the head without the eyeballs not following. Lower teeth might need to be assigned to a chin bone.

Do you mean parent the mesh with a bone ? I shall have it already in the middle of the rigging process. I redo it and it does not help. Any other thoughts ?

I forget to “make real” the armature modifier on the Eye mesh. It is fixed now. Thank you.