Absolute Beginner

Hi - We have a group project at uni to produce a game within 10 weeks…

Panda3D was the chosen engine due to it’s RAD approach…

While the artists are away modeling we have been assigned a few tasks to get done & after extensive searching I can’t even find the solution ot the first task!!!

  1. Create a white box & import a character model

The environment will be a maya model but we would just like to create a simple white box to test the functionality of the engine…

I’ve looked through the manual but the only relative thing found ‘scene editor’ doesn’t seem to exist in the installs anymore

How can i create a simple white box plz?

Yes, its a slight shame the SceneEditor fell into mothballs :wink: ( who knows that may change if request for it is high enough ) , but there are valid options :wink:

You can use some components individually and of course your ‘white box’ is easily created in maya ( or blender if your budget is slightly tight etc.) along with your character info. Maya prob has the best support ‘atm’ because its what the developers use so that is where you should focus your energies; that and the documentation as its all there, but if your stuck hey ask away thats why we’re here :wink:

I presume your documetation searchs failed to find this:

panda3d.org/manual/index.php/C … om_Scratch

cheers :wink:

How can i create a simple white box plz?

:blush: sorry & thank you!

I did search like a mofo! basing my search on the scene editor/white box…

thanks again

I get an error whilst following that tut…

GeomVertexFormat is not defined

:blush: :question:

Have you imported pandac.PandaModules? GeomVertexFormat is defined in there.