About texture mapping

For example, I have a ball model, if I use “setTexture” function, I can see the new texture on the ball surface. But how about if my camera is inside the ball, and I want the texture to be mapped to the inner surface of the ball? How to do this?
Thank you!

The way the texture is mapped onto the sphere really depends on how the sphere is modeled. For the particular example you are asking for, if you look into the samples\Basic-Tutorials–Lesson-3-Events\models directory, the model labeled ‘solar_sky_sphere.egg’ is a sphere with its normals pointing inwards. If a texture is applied to it (stars_1k_tex.jpg), the texture can be seen from the inside of the sphere. You should be able to apply any texture you like to the sphere model, just look at the example code to see how its done.

Thanks! Got it.

And I would like to ask if anyone have a sphere or hemisphere which the normal points inwards. The one for tuto3 is not suitbale since it will divide the texture into pieces…You will see the effect if you use another picture