About Sequence

does Anyone know how to add another sequence or interval to an existing sequence?
(eg. seq1 = Sequence(xxx)
seq2 = Sequence(yyy)

Sth like that)


I’m not clear about the meaning of those arugments, thanks!

Hmm, that’s one of the problems of auto-generated API documentation: it doesn’t necessarily know not to tell you about the internal methods.

You don’t need to (and shouldn’t) call addSequence(). To extend an existing Sequence, just use the Python list operators, as if the Sequence were a Python list. Like this:

seq1 = Sequence(xxx)

seq2 = Sequence(yyy)
seq1 += seq2

However, you can’t modify a running Sequence, so you can’t do this after you have already called start().


It works!
Thanks David!