About Panda3D?

Hi guys, I developed my graduation project using Panda3D, I am writting the document now and I need to know a little more about its history.

So, could anyone tell me some links inside Panda3D site or other reliable source with information about it? My main interest is what does Carnegie Mellon Entertainment Technology Center do for Panda3D (is it the funder of the project? it hosts the site? it is the main developer…)? Also, I read Disney is envolved, is it true?
I looked in the about but couldn’t really find anything useful…

Thanks in advance.

There is a Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panda3D

  • Panda was originally created at Disney VR Studios for theme park rides. It was also used by Disney to create Toontown Online and later Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
  • Panda went open source in 2002, and Carnegie Mellon helped to document and package up Panda as a more friendly product. In the past students and staff have added some new features to Panda.
  • Jesse Schell (CEO of Schell Games) worked at Disney on theme park rides and also taught at Carnegie Mellon ETC. Students there use/used Panda3D for game projects. Probably not a coincidence, but I don’t know what the story is there.

Yes, my problem is references, I can’t simple put it in the document with wikipedia as my reference. Wikipedia article doesn’t have any references in this part.

EDIT: How rude of me to forget…
Thanks for the reply anyways.

If you want a reference for Panda being made by Disney, this article on Gamasutra mentions it:
There also is some info in the manual:
specifically under “Who is Working on Panda3D”.

Thanks a lot man :smiley:

Here is another article, if you need more references. :slight_smile:

and last but not least there is the cvs commit logs. if you study it and the people who contributed you might be able to get an idea who worked and contributed.