About P3D and a MMORPG

Ok I know alot of people asked about this and I have read through the forums, but now i want to ask more specifics…

Can Panda 3D support an mmorpg like “world of warcraft”? or “Aion” well beter then that will be so nice :slight_smile: and we know most of the work for visuals comes from the artists.

I’m just asking if we make use of panda now will it work? its not a 1 week project im talkin about 10 years even more… we have worked out the lore ± 3 years now and all the other things for it it all comes down to the engine and so on… I’m still studying “coding” so I’m still a noob when it comes to all of these things but i surly have the will and mindset to make it happen!

Back to panda3d… If we make use of it and way at the end will we be able to make money of the project to support servers and so forth…? not that the creation of the game is about making money but for fun plan on making it free to play but it all depends…

We plan to make the game look visually very nice like… Gothic3 kinda graphics maybe even better just for scenery though…

So the main thing is…
1 : Will panda 3d support a Big MMORPG like wow? thats with the networking included?
2 : Will panda 3d support Great looking visuals
3 : Will it be able at the end result making money to support the game server? with the use of panda3d? ( I mostly want it all to be open source because its just better that way)

Thanks please comment…

You may want to check out MV3D. It’s a framework for creating scalable virtual worlds and online games that can use Panda as a 3d renderer on the client. We’ve got some pretty awesome features such as dynamic load balancing, automatic navmesh generation, and a full set of content and back end management tools.

With that said, though… You’ll definitely want to have someone on your team who is an advanced Python programmer. Coding online games is not trivial. MV3D helps with a lot of the hard stuff, but even creating a basic combat system for a multiplayer game is not easy.

To answer your questions:

Yes, Disney made Pirates of the Caribbean Online with Panda3D. If you add MV3D on to it, you’ll have the networking and server infrastructure as well.

Panda3D is a pretty flexible and powerful 3D renderer, so it should support everything you need.

Certainly. Panda3D uses a modified BSD license, and MV3D is MIT. Both are very open ended and allow you to make modifications and choose whether to share them or not. Of course, we all would rather you shared them. :slight_smile:

At MV3D, we’re gearing up for a new release soon with even more Panda 3D support, and we are always ready to welcome new users. Feel free to stop by our IRC channel #MV3D on irc.freenode.net.



Thanks a lot you. No need for me to ask anything more and btw thanks for the link/invitation to MV3D we like it!.