About JoyStick

I am using pygame, and my joystick work fine in the game.
Just one question, I found that my joystick have vibration function, but how i call it to make it vibrate?

Seems not like a Panda3D question, but a PyGame question.

I just spoke to the guys on the #pygame irc channel, and they said:
On Linux, it unfortunately isn’t possible. It’s a driver problem, not an SDL problem. The manufacturers who make force-feedback devices haven’t released any drivers, specs, or hints that would allow us as Linux users to experience force feedback. If they had, we’d have it already.
On Windows, you could try this.

Thanks, thats help alots. ^^

PS4 remote I got my controller to vibrate on high and vibrate on Low, (in Linux). but I lost my script. I did manage to retrace my steps, I remember using this;

Sets the strength of the vibration effect, if supported. The values are clamped to 0-1 range. The first value axes the low-frequency rumble motor, whereas the second axes the high-frequency motor, if present.

So we would need something like;

from panda3d.core import InputDevice

setVibration(strong: float, weak: float)