about Converting from Maya

Hi, I’m Marco

Last week I encountered a problem to insert a model (a simple polygonal sphere) from Maya 6 Unlimited into panda3D (.egg).

:exclamation: I followed the instructions described in “Panda Tools: Model Export: Converting from Maya”.

:exclamation: the procedure seems to work (…no errors or warnings) but pview shows nothing.

I signaled already the problem to the staff in a private e-mail… but I want to make it public for advantage (I hope… :stuck_out_tongue: ) of other users

I need a bit more information.

(1) When you say pview shows nothing, do you mean there is nothing in front of the camera, or nothing in the scene at all? Is there an error message while loading the egg file? What happens if you press shift-L to list the hierarchy?

(2) What parameters to maya2egg are you using?

(3) Are there any Polygon entries in the resulting egg file?

(4) What version of Panda are you using? That is, did you download and compile your own version of Panda, or are you using the version provided by the binary installer here?


vineyard.etc.cmu.edu/bugzilla/bu … s=REOPENED

See bug #10, I used the the latest windows bin release from this site. The exported egg file doesn’t contain the relavent data. I don’t think the maya2egg exporter works for maya 6. I hope I’m wrong :confused:

I know that maya2egg does work with Maya 6 Unlimited, if it has been compiled against it–that is how we are currently using it at Disney.

But I don’t think you can compile maya2egg against Maya 5 and then run it with Maya 6, which is what I suspect is the case here. (Can anyone on the CMU team confirm which version of Maya was used to generate maya2egg?)


It’s nice to hear that it does work with maya 6. Now I just need to wait for the team to release maya2egg compiled against maya 6. :slight_smile:


Would you mind posting the maya2egg.exe that works with maya 6 for the time being?

It’d be much of help until the team works out a new release.


Ok. Not that I’m setting a precedent for distributing binary releases, you understand. :slight_smile:

You can download the file from http://groups.yahoo.com/group/panda3d/files/.


Thanks man… The forum is kind of weird. I posted a note today, it showed up for a while and disappearred. Hope this one will stay?

When I try to convert ANY maya file to egg using any converter, i get:

The procedure entry point ??0MObject@@QAE@XZ could not be located in the dynamic link library FOUNDATION.dll.

I use Maya 6.0 PLE’s foundation.dll, by the way.
Any help? Thanks :smiley:

I suspect you will need a full, paid version of Maya. I could be wrong; maybe it will work if you compile Panda against the PLE version. This might be a question for the Maya support line.

Does the PLE version include a directory full of header files like MGlobal.h and MFnDagNode.h? If it does, then that’s a good sign that you can recompile Panda against the PLE version. If it does not, then it strongly indicates that you can’t.


Nope, doesn’t look like it does. :frowning:

Ah well, any other free modeling tools I can use?

I’m planning on making a converter from .POV(exported from Amabilis 3DCanvas) to .EGG… That would come in pretty handy.

There’s always Blender. :slight_smile:

A pov-to-egg converter sounds great; go for it.


Well… I tried Blender, it’s not too sorted and may take a while to learn. Guess I’ll just have to figure it out!

About the pov-to-egg: I need to know, does Panda support Normals, and does it support material properties?(phong, reflectivity, diffuse)

Yes to both; all that is described in the eggSyntax document: