About controlJoint function

I Actor a actor and animated it. After loop, I used controlJoint to get the nodePath of the animated bone. So the animation stoped. When I releaseJoint,Animation goes on.

But I have seen these words in manual:
It used to be important to make all of your controlJoint() calls for a particular model before you made the
first call to play(), loop(), or pose(). This is no longer necessary; you may call controlJoint() at any time.

And my version is 1.5.4, so why?

I don’t quite follow, what exactly are you trying to do with it? If you want an animation to play on only a specific part of the model, you need to make subparts.

EDIT: This is for controlling a joint procedurally, a la the “Looking and Gripping” example, the movement of the head following the cursor. Playing an animation you have already made does not require this.