AAA Pack "Medieval Environment" released - 35% Dis

I’m exited to announce the release of Vol.11 “Medieval Environment” on the Pure3D Asset Store and also celebrate my 35th birthday (OMG!) with a 35% discount week for all of you.

This AAA quality collection is packed with this goodies:

15 buildings with 5 of them enterable
12 prop models like a gallow, stocks, fences a ladder carriages and others
full material setup including tesselation/displacement maps for specific textures
46 high-quality .dds and .tga textures with diffuse / normal / specular / opacity / displacement setup
switchable building textures due performant atlas-mapping usage
up to par with current-gen and next-gen computer specs
several file formats: dae, fbx, obj, 3ds, max
fits 100% to all other Pure3D sets in style and look (of course!)
make your own houses using the modules the buildings are made with if you import them in your model tools
perfect naming and file sorting

Take a look at the screenshots for more visuals of each model its wireframe and the technical specs on the product page or just take a quick ride
watching the movie recorded from a sample scene in real-time.

Get the pack or each individual model or a free building here:
Don’t forget to enter your 35% voucher until 1.Oct.2012 at checkout: PURE3D-BOSS-GETS-35

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