A Patreon for Panda3D? (Poll)


Happy holidays, everyone!

The 1.10 release is just around the corner, but we’ve been thinking hard about the future of Panda beyond 1.10. We’ve got some great ideas for Panda 1.11 and 2.0, including ways to further improve Panda3D’s built-in graphical capabilities and making Panda3D friendlier for artists, that we are excited to develop further.

One idea that has been floated repeatedly by members of the community, though, is the idea to set up a Patreon (or equivalent) account to fund Panda3D development. While most of the work that contributors do on Panda3D is done for free and this would not change, having money available would enable us to hire people to do tasks that are hard to convince volunteers to do but are necessary to accelerate development and help achieve our ambitions for Panda3D.

If we had a source of funding, we’d want to use it optimally on pushing Panda3D forward more quickly; the best way to do that seems to us to hire someone to work on Panda3D as manager/maintainer part-time, whose primary responsibility is to ensure that Panda3D makes progress on mission-critical goals, and recruits and mentors other developers in order to grow the development team.

If we manage to achieve that goal, we could use any further funding for such things as placing bounties on major development tasks, and hiring external contractors to work on demos for Panda3D, and more.

So, we’d just like to get a sense of how much people like this idea and see what the possibilities are, so I have included a poll: how much would you (roughly) be willing to contribute on a monthly basis if we had a Patreon? Please round down to the closest option. Prices are indicated in US dollars, but are just an estimation.

  • I can’t contribute, but I like the idea
  • I won’t contribute, it is a bad idea (leave comment)
  • ~$2 per month
  • ~$5 per month
  • ~$10 per month
  • ~$15 per month
  • ~$20 per month
  • ~$30 per month
  • ~$50 per month
  • ~$80 per month
  • ~$100 per month or more

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I fear that I’m not in a good position to contribute as things stand–but if that were to change, I think that I’d be happy to put in some money. (How much I were to contribute would likely depend heavily on my finances at the time.)


I would chip in anytime. Love the work and the community that makes it possible. So go for it!