a looping sound stops for no reason

in my app there is a sound looping in a certain condition. but i found sometimes it stops playing without me changing anything. when i switch to other condition then switch back again, the sound plays normally. what could cause that problem?
the sound is contained in an audiomanager. when i want/unwant the sound, i call setactive on the audiomanager , because in this way i can manage a group of sound together.
the sound is uncompressed pcm wave file.

Are you using OpenAL or FMOD? Which operating system? Which version of Panda? Can you share the .wav file (or does it occur with any .wav file)? Does it, to your knowledge, occur with other types of files, like .ogg?

Is it possible that you are playing many sounds at the some time, and the sound is just being deactivated due to having too many sounds active? Or does it also happen when it’s the only sound playing?

i am using OPENAL, win8.1 32bit, panda1.81. the particular sound file is attached.
so far i’ve only tested WAV files, don’t know about OGG files.
i don’t know whether it happens with other WAV files, because this sound is the one i spend most time with. i happened to found the problem when this sound was played. it doesn’t happen often, i had it 3 times so far, and the last time, i was sure nothing was changed by me when it happend.
currently i have only 1 sound playing at a time. so not because many sounds are played together.

the sound was played with this setting: setPlayRate(0.6); setVolume(0.3)
snd.zip (219 KB)

by now i have tested 3 wav files, 1 in 22khz 16 bit mono, 2 in 44khz 16 bit mono format, all uncompressed PCM.
they all have the same problem.
it happens after a few minutes to a dozen minutes, approximately.

ogg and mp3 are not good for looping, there’s a short pause in the end of a loop.

Panda 1.10 still has this problem, but it seems to happen more rarely though. if the sound module of Panda 1.10 is based on 1.9.x, then Panda 1.9 also has this problem.