A car game for girls ?!?

I finally, and humbly present the game made by Kapibara, myself and another person.
It is called Grand Shopping Auto and is a car game for girls (has that ever been done before?)

We made it as a production in a Game Programming Class at ITU (www.itu.dk) - I hope some class mates will post theirs as well!
It is far from bug-free, and far from perfectly programmed; but we wanted to let you try it anyway.

So feel free, and have fun:


Wow two new games on one day!

For what Panda Version have wrote it? Have you tested it under Panda3D1.1.0?



I have a some suggestions/requests on this game.Its difficult to download the game file by file, esp on my intermittent link.

  • Can you please pack it in a tar.gz and post the link?If its is easy to try out you also get better feedback and also easy tutorial for people.
  • Can you make it to run on panda 1.1 .
  • Some screenshots if possible .

Thanks for giving away the source.It can be a good tutorial.

This game was made for Panda3D-1.0.5.
As far as I know it does not run under the new version (yet?).

The game was not made as a tutorial - the comments in the code are not particularly educational.
Maybe I will find some time to make a more “tutor-ish” version after my exam on Monday (wish me good luck :wink: ).

Sounds and graphics were not part of the class; most of the graphics is from www.bitfrost.dk

This version is far from bug-free; we consider it a beta-minus-version.
But we had a dead-line; and now we offer you the chance to see the resulting game.

Anyways, I just posted this version as another example of a game made in Panda.

After uploading it I realized it was not packed; I will correct this, and post a screen shot.

Good luck for your exam…

What program have you use to make the .zip file. I’m not able to open it with WinZip 9.0 and WinRar 3.4?


Thanks :slight_smile:

The upload is now complete.
The problem may have been that I was still uploading;
pm me if it doesn’t work now.
Zipped with the default win-zipper.

Ok … I have only Panda3D1.1.0 on my computer
This is what i get when runing GSA:

*)maps is in a wrong folder for loading it when pressing on run. Howto fix: move it up to the root folder or write a configfile
*)polCar.py Line 80,106,109 and 135 change this to self.velocity= …
*)I don’t know what this means

:util:bam(error): Bam file is version 4.14.
:util:bam(error): This program can only load version 5.0 through 5.4 bams.

maybe this is just a 1.0.5 - 1.1.0
*)Sometimes the game crashes with that

  File "C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Martin\Desktop\Grand Shopping Auto\Grand
Shopping Auto\car.py", line 54, in drive
    self.gCar.setPos(self.gCar.getPos() + (self.velocity * dt))
AssertionError: !pos.is_nan() at line 407 of c:\temp\mkpr\panda3d-1.1.0\panda\sr

Regards Martin

I’m not getting those errors using Panda3D-1.0.5.
The 2 versions are unfortunately not compatible.
So try running it with Ye Old Panda.

I included the old Panda in the zip file, making it rather large.
Therefore I am now going to upload a version w/o Panda.

Do let me know if it does not work for you with 1.0.5.

This error message indicates the problem with bam files: although they’re small and they load fast, they are tied to a particular version of Panda. To make this program run with either version of Panda, you’d need to distribute it with egg files instead of bam files.

As to the is_nan() error, that’s just complaining that your node’s pos value went to NaN, “not a number”–this usually means you divided by zero or performed some similar questionable operation. It’s probably not related to the Panda version (though it’s possible that Panda 1.0.5 would simply not throw an exception if the pos value ever went to NaN).

By the way, thanks for posting your work for everyone to benefit from, and great job!


Thanks David.

I did supply the .egg files as well; but I guess we will have to delete the .bam-files for Panda3D to look for the .eggs.

I haven’t had the code give me the !pos.is_nan() error with YeOldePanda - and I will not be looking into exporting the code to ver 1.1 till after my exam on Monday :wink:

Two? Where’s the other one? EDIT: Never mind, I guess you mean bigfoot’s “PandaChat”.

“Grand Shopping Auto” is a neat title, congrats! Downloading it right now, I’m curious! :slight_smile:

can any one please tell me how to run this game .
I am using pype as python text editor.I downloaded the 81 mb file .But how to compile this . Please explain to me this in detail .When i ran cgmain.py .command prompt pops up and tells ***end of process***how to get this car race game run on my pc.Any help will be appreciated.Thanx in advance

Holy thread resurrection-

crap man, this thread was from [size=150]4 years ago. [/size]

I don’t even know what version of Panda3D they were using.

Well, from some of the posts up there, I’d say that it was somewhere between 1.0.5 and 1.1.0.

Edit: actually, it says in the readme.txt file in the codebase; 1.0.5.

and the winner for the “Golden spade award 2010” goes to…durmmroll smidhunraj!

didnt even know the game was available for public download. intresting thought. would be nice to see it “ported” to a more recent version of panda, maybe with some special fx enabled.

Is panda backward compatible?
Actually will it be
i mean will current games (1.6.2 - 1.7.0) work with 2.4.1 for example?? Ofcourse if switch tp python3 comes, that wont work, but if it stays as it is…

Nope. Minor sequential releases should be backward compatible, but major releases (1.6, 1.7, 1.8 ) are often not.

And with new packaging system this should be better?

If i got it correctly, things like this wont (shouldnt) happen with “.p3d” ?

With the .p3d system, you mark it with a specific major version. When running the .p3d, the latest sequential version in that series will be used.