A bug preventing maya from being detected in win32?

I posted this in the pipeline forum but seeing as how this concerns the source code of makepanda I thought maybe I should post it here.

Panda3d wouldn’t recognize that I had Maya 2009 even though the key was in the registry. I checked out the source code from CVS and in the function SdkLocateMaya() in makepandacore.py I noticed that in the win32 case it added the res value like this:

SDK[res] = ver

but later in SdkAutoDisableMaya() it checks for the key in SDK with



So I think it should have been

SDK[ver] = res

instead. Once I switched the values and ran makepanda, it detected my Maya 2009. If it really was supposed to be SDK[res] = ver though, I probably broke something =\

Nice find!
This bug was reported before, and was mostly fixed, but there still seemed to be a line which was left uncorrected. I’ve just checked in your fix to CVS.

Thans for reporting!