A Blender exporter for Panda is up

an alfa stage but it is just a start.
It exports geometry, vertex coloring, simple texturing and bone animation.
If this is enough for you drive to the follow address and grab it:

enjoy it and if you’ll face any issue or simply for feedback (bad, good or ugly) post here or write to blendegg@fabiushouse.com

Excellent! Thank you very much. It was a hassle working with exporting to .x, choosing the right settings, blah blah. :smiley:
There seems to be a problem, either with the tutorial or with my understanding of it. I’ve selected the edges around the sphere, marked the seam, and then selected all the faces and gone into UV/image editor mode. I just see an empty grid - no blue square. What have I done incorrectly.

aye Cerulean
looks like we’ve found a first hole in the tutorial uh? Probabilly you get confused when the tutorial say to press KEYA to select the ball faces but if we go straight the line the faces are already selected and clicking KEYA we, in effect, deselect everything.
So, if you see an empty grid is certainly cos you haven’t actually selected any ball face. Check first if you have activated the correct views and if the ball is pink otherwise click KEYA while the mouse pointer is in the right panel and then you’ll see a blue square for sure, I guarantee. Another hint: don’t surrender so fast but clear all the scene and start again and again trying to match your settings as what you see in the pictures.
Anyway I’ve updated the tutorial :wink:

That got it working. Thanks :slight_smile:

I highly recommend GrayBeard’s “LSCM UV Mapping” video tutorial to learn how to apply textures in blender. It can be found at the offical blender website: blender.org/cms/Model_Material_Light.397.0.html

God bless you man for doing an exporter to Blender. It’s a pain in the ass having to use the .x exporter.

Say can we use this trick described in the Panda manual?

"Your first step is to note the name of the object in your modeling program. For example, suppose you want to control the texture of a model’s head, and suppose (hypothetically) the head is labeled “Sphere01” in your modeling program. Use egg-optchar to tell panda that “Sphere01” deserves to be kept separate and labeled:

egg-optchar -d outputDir -flag Sphere01=theHead modelFile.egg anim1.egg anim2.egg "