50% transparent model

I know I can make an object totally invisible but can you set the transparency level so that it’s 50% transparent for example ?

You can, yes, I do believe.

The exactitudes depend on just how your model it set up. Two simple approaches are these:

  • If your object is textured, then you can simply make the texture semi-transparent.
  • You can call “setAlphaScale(0.5)” on your NodePath.

That said, note that if your object isn’t initially detected to have transparency (by virtue of having a texture with an alpha-channel or a vertex-colour with an alpha-value less than one, I think), then you may have to manually indicate to Panda that it is transparent. This can be done most simply by calling “setTransparency(True)” on your NodePath.

(Although there are more-complex approaches for certain types of transparency.)

When using autoshader, you can set transparency through the material.


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