3Ds max export crash


I’ve been working with the 3dsmax plugin for a while now on various machines. Everything was always fine until today.

If I try to export any of my models or create a simple box with a texture on it , the egg exporter crashes. (strangely it doesn’t crash with no texture applied to the box).

The only “explanation” I have is that today I’ve installed Disneys pirates of the carribean online game. Now my guess is that maybe it makes use of some older DLL’s of some sort that might have messed up how the egg exporter works.

I am using 3Dsmax2010 SP1.

Anyone can think of something that could cause this ?


I don’t have any explanations, though I’m not sure how installing Pirates could have had any effect–the Pirates installation is entirely self-contained, and doesn’t change anything else in your system outside of the Pirates installation directory.


I’ve done some more tests… indeed Pirates has nothing to do with this.

I’ve setup a clean machine and still 3d studio max crashes if a simple texture is applied to a box.
If just a box is being exported everything is fine.

the plugins I am using are the standard ones from the 1.7.2 installer.

This is really odd… I’ve exported models with textures before with the egg exporter and never had problems.

Now even with a cleanly setup machine it crashes…


this is the crash - noy much info I am afraid

I think I know now what the problem is here.

I have recently built my own panda libraries and this seems to be the problem.

Am I correct in assuming that for the egg exporter for 3ds max to work, panda needs to be build with python and directx ?

I haven’t yet managed to build my panda libraries with the directx june 2010 sdk and I want build my libs without python support.

Is that going to be a problem for the 3dstudio max plugins to work ?

which dll’s are necessary for the export to work correctly ?


Well, it’s not so much that you need to build with a certain combination of settings; but you do need to keep your custom-built DLL’s out of sight of Max when you’re running the MaxEgg exporter. It links with the version of Panda that it shipped with, and no other version. If you have another libpanda.dll somewhere on the path, even if it was built exactly the same way, it’s likely to cause a crash.


Hmm does that mean I need switch my environment variable everytime I want export from max?? That would be very inconvenient :-/

Yes, you’ll need to switch your environment. But you don’t have to do that by hand; you could, for instance, create a script that sets up your environment safely for Max (within the script) and then launches Max.

Or, you can build MaxEgg with your own version of Panda, and use that one. I’m not sure what’s involved in that. Maybe you already built one, and didn’t notice?