3ds Max 8 Egg Exporter failed to initialize error.

I copied maxegg8.dlo to max’s plugin directory and this error pops up when I start max.

It also happens with the other plugins provided. (maxegg7,6.dlo)

Not sure what’s going on there. I’ll see if I can get my hands on a copy of Max 8 to test it.

The exact same thing happens using max7 with the maxegg7.dlo and maxeggimport.dle

I have reproduced this problem. I’ve done some preliminary diagnostics, I think it may be related to ffmpeg. Specifically, I think that max is trying to load libpanda.dll, which in turn is loading the ffmpeg dll, which is failing.

I could be completely wrong about that. It will take time to do further diagnosis.

I should mention that as a stop-gap measure, you could use the egg exporter from panda3d 1.2.3. I think the way to do it would be to install 1.2.3, copy the plugin into the max folder, copy all the DLLs into the max folder, and then delete 1.2.3. Then, install 1.3.0. That way you can use 1.3.0, but max will use 1.2.3.

Thanks soooooo much man! It works!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

OK, an update. It’s definitely ffmpeg. If I compile without ffmpeg support, the max plugin works.

OY GEVALT! It’s always something.

I also copied maxegg8.dlo and maxeggimport8.dle to max’s plugin directory but the export does not work, the import does. There’s no error message. When I want to export a file , there’s just no choice for a Panda-egg-file. What can I do ?