3ds max 8 and egg exporter

I downloaded the trial version of 3ds max 8, but the egg exporter that comes with Panda doesn’t work. I realize that it was designed to work with 3ds max 7, but I thought I would give it a shot. Any word on an updated exporter??

Man, these guys just never give me a break… a new version every 15 minutes.

I can’t ship a Max 8 exporter until I get my hands on a copy of Max 8, I’m afraid.

Alright, thanks.

just tested… panda max7 plugin dle’s work just fine in max8.

I use 3ds max 7 and cant seem to find .egg exporter plugin .
Any clues where can i get it ?

Rohit the maxegg7.dlo is in the ‘plugins’ folder in the main Panda directory. Just copy it to your 3DS Max plugins folder. Be sure to read the part in the manual about exporting with 3DS Max, cause it can be a little bit tricky the first time you try it.


found it , it works fine .

Has anyone tried the egg exporter with Max 8 SP3? I get an error that it could not find the module when loading the DLL.

Grab a free month trial to use.

Whoops, nevermind, I was using an old version of the plugin. All is good now :slight_smile: