3DS MAX 2010 to egg

Is their a egg converter for 3DS MAX 2010 i tired the 2009 and 9 ones but it said failed to initialise. Is their a way or am i just out of luck

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Umm, there are multiple ways to export something depending on what features you need. If exporting to .egg doesn’t work, the closest equivalent is to export to .x with the Pandasoft (which isn’t related to Panda3D in any way) .x exporter. And yes, there is an .egg exporter for 3dsmax 2010, but you should probably wait for the 1.7.0 release for that.

If you don’t need animations, you can also use at least .dae, .obj and .3ds, although some of them may require additional conversion phases via scripts etc.

sorry about posting it hear but thanks for your reply